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"Detox your Life" 6 Days 5 nights

Detox body, mind and soul

  • Ab 865 euros
  • Calle el Calvario


LAST MINUTE DISCOUNT - 10% OFF OUR MARCH 11 SESSION ! (discount applied after booking confirmation and deducted from rest due) Discover this unique 6-day package to help you detox all aspects of your life: body, mind, and soul. Samadhi Lodge takes care of your bodies with healthy plant-based detox food, daily yoga, cooking classes, workshops, and activities like hiking, takes care of your mind with meditation, dynamic emotional detox techniques, stress management, workshops about what really matters, and how to attract what you wish into your life, and of your soul by promoting fulfilling connection with ourselves, nature and others. Day 1: Introduction "what is the detox lifestyle?" 17:00: Welcome detox drink 18:00: Opening circle, setting of intentions 18:30 Yoga or Sound Healing session 20:00 Vegan gourmet dinner Day 2 “Back to Nature” 08:00 Healthy and yummy plant based breakfast 10:00: Hike in beautiful mountains and natural parks, meditation in nature - connect with the 4 elements 14:30 Healthy lunch in a beautiful Andalusian village’s restaurant 18:30 Yin yoga 20:00 Detox plant-based dinner Day 3 Food is your medicine - detox your body 08:30 Pranayama and Morning yoga flow 10:30 Healthy gourmet brunch 11:30 Workshop "nutrition and well-being" Free time 16:00 Cooking workshop "learn to cook natural, nurturing, and super-yummy" 18:00 Early dinner "eat what you cooked" Day 4 Detox from stress and beach day 08:00: Morning yoga flow 09:30 Healthy and yummy breakfast 10:30 Departure to the beach Free time on the beach 15:00 Detox lunch on the beach 18:00 "How to let go of stress, toxic thoughts with natural tools" 19:30 Plant based dinner Day 5 “Detox your mind” 06:30 Sunrise walk (optional) 08:30 Yoga session 09:30 Healthy and yummy breakfast 10:30 Mindset workshop "get rid of negative thoughts, emotional knots, feel connected, and attract what you wish into your life" Free time Afternoon: Individual "detox and reset" coaching sessions 20:00 Detox dinner Day 6 “New beginning” 08:30 Meditation, dynamic or connecting meditation 09:30 Finishing circle, setting personal intentions 10:00 Healthy vegan brunch and farewell 12:00 End of retreat

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  • Calle el Calvario, Sayalonga, Espagne

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