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Improve your sleep - improve your life!

  • 9 Std.
  • From 575 €
  • Calle el Calvario


While an honored part of many cultural practices throughout history, sleep has somehow lost value in today’s hectic society. We are over active and restless as a society, feeling compelled to do but forget that we need to rest! As energy constantly bombards us in a variety of forms –light, sound, movement, and information – leading to a chronic state of hyperarousal our bodies’ natural rhythms are disrupted. Our ability to achieve both the quantity and quality of sleep we need is compromised and we are left feeling totally exhausted. We may reach for food to compensate, or for stimulants during the day to keep us going but then depend on relaxants to help us wind down at night. This creates a vicious cycle – and an unhealthy dependence – that may lead us to gain weight, lose mental clarity, feel emotionally drained, and eventually diminish our general health. Insecurity, anxiety and depression are other symptoms of sleep deprivation. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to improve our quality of sleep and give ourselves the deserved rest we need to function. Several factors contribute to how well we sleep, including what and when we eat and drink (nutrition), where we sleep (environment), and our energy output during the day (daily rhythms). In our workshop we will explore these steps in detail and learn calming, relaxing techniques to implement into our lives as mediation, breathing, feng shui and an evening routine. Here the sample schedule for the day retreat (can be modified): 10 h arrival and welcome detox juice 10 h 30 Yoga Vinyasa to get our bodies moving (30 min) 11 h 30 Workshop "Improve your sleep, improve your life!" 14 h 00 Gourmet vegan lunch (main + dessert) 14 h 30 Break and relax at pool (in season) 15 h 30 Walk in the surrounding mountains 17 h 15 Group Meditation 17 h 30 Yin yoga session (to calm our minds and bodies) 18 h 30 / 19 h End of retreat


  • Calle el Calvario, Sayalonga, Espagne


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