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Learn meditation and be more efficient

  • 8 Std.
  • From 575 €
  • Calle el Calvario


Did you know that an average day we have 70 000 thoughts passing through our brain? "I think therefore I am" said Descartes and mislead generations of generations of westerners.. We are constantly in our brains and often get lost in translation. Confusion, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and despair are the result. But we are NOT our thoughts and meditation can help us to take a step back, to observe our thoughts, our emotions, to be more present, to calm our minds, to set the tone for a day, to change our mood, to train our focus...and much more. Here are 12 science based benefits of a mediation practice: Reduces Stress Controls Anxiety Promotes Emotional Health Enhances Self-Awareness Lengthens Attention Span May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss Can Generate Kindness May Help Fight Addictions Improves sleep Helps control pain Can decrease blood pressure Makes de mind clearer and therefore in the end more efficient In this workshop we will talk about these benefits in detail, learn different meditation techniques and practice them, help getting through eventual bloquages you might experience. We start the day by a detox juice and a morning yoga practice (1h vinyasa yoga). the 2h workshop. We practice our new skills during a 1h yin yoga session. After lunch and a break where participants can enjoy and relax at the pool or go for a walk we meet again for individual massage and coaching sessions (duration between 15 min and 30 min each depending on the number of participants). Here a sample day retreat schedule (can be adapted to your needs): 10 h : arrival and welcome detox drink 10:30 h : Introduction into the principles of meditation 11h : walk up the mountain and presence training 12:30 h  - 13 : 30h Workshop 1st part 13:30 h : super healthy gourmet lunch menu (main + dessert) and break 15:30 h - 16: 30 pm Workshop 2nd part 17:00 h : Yin Yoga 18:00h : End of retreat Price for up to 5 participants is 575 €/day. Each additional participant is 80 €. Book 3 and get 20% off, book 5 and get 30% off!


  • Calle el Calvario, Sayalonga, Espagne


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