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Slow down and release your stress

  • 9 Std.
  • From 575 €
  • Calle el Calvario


Stress is one of the major sickness trigger factors. When we feel anxious or under pressure and constantly running out of time to achieve always more, to be perfect in all areas of our lives, to meet the deadlines and keep up with overloaded agenda our body activates the "Flight and Fight" mode. It is the bodys response to stress: the sympathetic nervous system is activated slowing down the immune system and the digestive functions. All the energy of the body is used to increase the heartrate, tense the muscle, keep you alert and ready to take action. This is a healthy response to acute stress but unfortunately this modus becomes the default mode for a lot of people in our rapidly moving society. But the body is not made to remain in this state for long periods of time as it is depleting its energy, makes it vulnerable to sickness and disease, depression and finally burn out. In the 2h Workshop we will learn about this principles and why it is so important to slow down, to take time for ourselves and self care. We will also learn techniques of time management and other tools like meditation and breath work that can positively influence our stress levels and make us finally more efficient. We start the day by a detox juice and some yoga practice (1h) adapted to the group level and wishes to get our bodies moving, after the 2 h workshop lunch is served. After a break where participants can enjoy and relax at the pool or go for a walk we meet again for individual massage and coaching sessions (duration between 15 min and 30 min each depending on the number of participants). Here a sample day retreat schedule (can be adapted to your needs): 10 h : arrival and welcome detox drink 10:30 h : 1h yoga session (vinyasa or hatha) 11:45 h  : 2 h workshop 14:00h : super healthy gourmet lunch menu (main + dessert) and break 15:30 - 18:30 pm indivual massage sessions and coaching sessions (duration adapted to number of participants) Price for up to 5 participants is 575 €/day. Each additional participant is 80 €. Book 3 and get 20% off, book 5 and get 30% off!


  • Calle el Calvario, Sayalonga, Espagne

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