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the ultimate stress cure

nervous system reset retreat

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Do you often feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out, worried, exhausted? Or on the contrary: tired, lost, disconnected from the world and you just want to hide away?

Have you tried yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and other healing modalities but you always find yourself stuck again in the old patterns of overwhelm, stress, depression, disconnection, and anxiety.

Have you heard about nervous system regulation?


It might be that you are stuck in chronic stress responses, in survival mode. It is not uncommon for a lot of us that our bodies have forgotten how it feels to be calm, safe, grounded, confident, loved, connected, available for the relationships in your life - 100% ourselves, free from coping strategies like perfectionism, people pleasing, high achieving, blaming, keeping you busy, addictive behaviors of all kind,...

Research in the last years around trauma, its somatic experience, and its connection to the nervous system have brought to light what is, for us, the missing link between band-aid healing solutions and real long-lasting results!


Because you can do all the breathwork, yoga, and relaxation techniques in the world if you don’t take care of the nervous system these modalities can just bring relief but no real results; because we have to go deeper, work on a body level, release and rewire us and to find back to this place of safety, clarity and connection.


If that resonates, you are at the right place: this 6 Day Nervous System Reset Retreat is for you! 6 Days to give you all the tools to find back to more capacity to respond to everyday life and stressors, to identify the core beliefs that keep you stuck in this survival responses, to rewire your system and ultimately find back to yourself!

And all that by having fun connecting with like-minded people, eating our highly praised healthy vegetarian food, connecting to the lush nature of Andalusia’s coast and mountains, hiking, swimming in the pool and the sea, and being taken care of by our loving team!


enjoy 15% discount on all our dates in 2024

  • 22-27 April
    Opening Gift: FREE 60 minutes Massage for this date

  • 27 May - 1 June 

  • 22-27 July 

  • 12-17 August 

  • 23-28 September

  • 21-26 October

  • 18-23 November


"The Ultimate Stress Cure" Program

* can be subject to changes


Day 1

17h00 Opening circle introduction „What is The Ultimate Stress Cure about ?”
17h30 Yin Yoga
20h30 Plant-based yummy dinner

Day 2

8h30 Yoga Vinyasa Hatha - trauma and NS informed
10h00 Healthy & Yummy Breakfast
11h30 “The Stress Cure Revolution - what is stress and nervous system dysregulation ” Educational workshop Claudia
14h30 healthy snacks
15h Body and nervous system awareness workshop
"How to find back to safety in the body after chronic stress responses ?"
17h Free time - take a walk or relax at the pool
20h30 healthy yummy plant plant-based Dinner

Day 3

8h30 Gentle breathwork with intention
9h Morning Yoga Vinyasa Hatha
10h30 Healthy breakfast light
11h30 Hike In beautiful Mountains and Natural Parks, Meditation in Nature
15h lunch in local restaurant
16h30 Free time
18h Workshop "Listen to your needs and take care of your body"
20h Yummy plant-based dinner

Day 4

9h00 Gentle breathwork with the intention
9h30 Morning yoga hatha vinyasa
11h00 Healthy & Yummy Breakfast Brunch
13h Breathwork workshop - «What is the right breathwork to soothe the NS? »
Free Time
16h Somatic exercises - Somatic bodywork to heal the NS
18h Early Dinner

Day 5

8h30 Gentle Breathwork with intention
9h Morning Yoga Vinyasa Hatha
10h30 Healthy& yummy breakfast
11h30 Departure to the Beach
Free time on the Beach and around the beach town of Nerja (except July / August: wild beach )
14h Salad Lunch in the local beach restaurant
20h Dinner at the lodge

Day 6

8h30 Gentle Breathwork with intention
9h Mindful Movement - intuitive dancing workshop
9h30 Finishing ceremony & circle
10h30 Brunch and Farewell!
11h30 End of retreat


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What Makes This Retreat Special?

Nervous system regulation and somatic trauma release is subject of big research these years by doctors and scientists like Bessel van de Kolk, Stephen Porges, Gabor Mate, Deb Dana, Peter Levine and is more and more revealing how stored stress is inhibiting us to live the lifes we want and deserve! Still not well known but nervous system regulation seems to be the key to lasting wellbeing!


Born out of this recent research this expert-led retreat offers a unique blend of cutting-edge workshops, transformative breathwork, somatic healing exercises, and reconnecting yoga sessions.


Discover the missing link between temporary relief and true healing as you unwind in the serene beauty of Andalusia's coast and mountains. Indulge in delicious, nourishing vegetarian cuisine, hike in the natural park, and dip into the waters of the Mediterranean sea. Let our caring team guide you on a journey to rediscover your inner calm, clarity, and connection.

Don't just survive—thrive.



samadhi friends

You are reading this because you are a "Samadhi Friend" ! And we want to treat our family & friends with a special discount of 15% valid on bookings of all dates of "The Ultimate Stress Cure" of the year 2024!

In addition we offer a free 1h massage experience by the loving hands of our Neeltje for all bookings for our first date starting April 22 to April 27 ! 

How does it work? Just enter the code FRIENDS15 at checkout to benefit from this special gift we offer to our friends & family. The discount will automatically be applied. The massage will automatically be added for all April bookings!  


Its always a good time to treat yourself and invest in your wellbeing!

An if you know anyone who could benefit from this retreat you are also welcome to share your coupon code with YOUR FRIENDS, so our conscious family can grow bigger and bigger.



We, the Samadhi Angels, can't wait to welcome you at our heart-driven yoga lodge, guide and take care of you during the retreat. We are an enthusiastic team in love with helping people and making sure to provide a safe environment for healing and growth.


Set amidst lush fruit plantations and breathtaking views, between mountains and sea, in the typical Andalucian white village Sayalonga 40km East of Malaga and 50 min drive from the airport, Samadhi Lodge offers the right mix of relaxation, activities, and transformation: creative Vinyasa, Hatha and meditative Yin yoga classes in panoramic settings, transformational workshops, meditation, hiking in the beautiful Andalucian mountains (natural parks of Tejeda, Almijara, and Alhama), kayaking/paddling, cooking, stargazing, yummy and healthy vegetarian/vegan meals, inspiring talks, and more in a warm and personalized family setting.


Our group size (usually 5 to 8 maximum) allows us to enjoy our retreats, adapt to all levels, and socialize while we keep a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

We aim to make you feel part of our family and community sharing our passion for a healthy, conscious lifestyle, in harmony with nature, the elements and the principles of the yogic philosophy, spreading love and kindness, promoting compassion and a feeling of connection to the world and the universe surrounding us.


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